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When is Chinese New Year 2019 | Spring Festival 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 is a Festival of Chinese also some people call this Spring festival because its Appears on the spring Season now the question arises  When is Chinese New Year 2019? Here is a Graph that shows you a complete detail about When is Chinese New Year 2019

When is Chinese New Year 2019?

20195 FebTueChinese New YearNational
6 FebWedChinese New Year HolidayNational
202025 JanSatChinese New YearNational
26 JanSunChinese New Year HolidayNational
27 JanMonChinese New Year HolidayNational except for Johor
& Kedah

China’s new year is also called the “Spring Festival” and “Lunar New Year” because it comes sprting and Chinese moon is based on the calendar. History flow from a western perspective, but also comes in January or February.

One of the 12 Chinese sugarcases is named as “every year”, with animals having the characteristics of this year and all its creatures.

When is Chinese New Year 2019


When is Chinese New Year 2019

When is Chinese New Year 2019

The Chinese New Year is the most important anniversary festival for China’s population worldwide. It has been celebrated for more than a year – there is a lot of potentials, and the tradition of Chinese culture has many effects. For many people, it is a religious holiday that is full of prayers, sacrifices, and other acts of worship.

In Malaysia, in other places, people are ready for Chinese new year. The houses have been cleared before clearing “any unfortunate exit”. But for the fear of coming to the “New Year’s Day”, the new ones are hiding the new year.

New Year, worn on the new year, and a large meal for the new meal is also offered, shopping centers are busy at the time of the year. Security card is generally discussed.

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The Chinese New Year is actually celebrated for 15 days, but the first three days are the most important. The 15th and final day, Prakash Mei is also a great event where homes are decorated mostly in bright light. Instead of slowly spreading it instead of the festivals, there is a way to end with a great final.

At the beginning of the New Year’s first day, family’s only meals and revenues are held. In the next days, When is Chinese New Year 2019 many people will invite friends and exit strangers to eat with them. This “open house” policy is also practiced during other Malaysian holidays and is attended by large public Chinese nine-year congregations on Malaysian community halls. Inviting party should not be difficult.

Other Chinese New Year traditions include: “Yog Sang,” Vegetable Fish dishes, with cooking high pieces in the air, cooking. “Dolly”, known as famous lines, makes Chinese poetry hanging; Being on cards playing in Lion and Dragons dance, conditions are minor for so long; small red arts give money in pao packages; and fireworks display The company, among which, is the largest in the Chinese districts of Kuala Lumpur and cities in large Chinese population.

There Are Some More things that people do on Chinese New Year

Yee Sang

basically this a Dish people Make on the Chinese New Year 2019 A traditional dish, Yee Sang comprises of thinly sliced pickled vegetables, strips of raw fish (usually salmon), other sauces and condiments like ground peanuts. This dish is also known as the Teochew-style raw fish salad.

The popular exercise is that to collect more ingredients in the air to collect around each dining table while announcing the announcements of happy wishes and joys of happiness in the coming year. The significance of toss is a sign of abundance, prosperity and all good things. Some people make sure you raise salads; more good things will come on your way.

Chinese New Year Food

During China’s, New Year Chinese cuisine is one of the most important ingredients. Reunion’s food, held on the new year’s occasion, is at a time where families gather extraordinary food with noise and laughter. When is Chinese New Year 2019

Food plays an essential role for Chinese and most Malaysia. Therefore, during Reunion’s dinner, all kinds of dishes can be included on a table, including famous you singles, star-free lilies, rod cakes and other.


Cherry Blossoms / Pussy Willows

Chinese believes there will be no fruit without flowers. Therefore, during the Chinese New Year flowers and plants are very important as decorations. Identifying the signs of plants and flowers is a sign of value. Cherry flowers are targeted reliability and satisfaction, while Kaleel has identified the new origin and the wealth and is known as Spring Harbor. Chinese visas, “Ye Liu,” looks like sugar is “flowing in money”, a plant that can be decorated with gold ingredients and red packets to draw wealth and prosperity in most Chinese homes. . Some people also send them as gifts when they meet friends during the New Year of China.


Couplets are traditionally important for Chinese. They are rhyme rows which are usually hand-written and are printed indoors of Chinese houses or sometimes in the interior. These pairs are usually written on red paper with gold or black ink and few days before China’s new year. Traditionally, the way to help children is to write messengers. However, those days, couples are kept decorating to show hopeful ideas, wishes and good advice for the new year.

Orange and Tangerines

It is almost traditional for orange and tangerines during the Chinese New Year, and it will not feel full. The serious, which looks like ‘gold’ in the canteen, is a symbol of wealth, When is Chinese New Year 2019 while the tangerine is a symbol of good news because it looks like “good fortune” in Chinese. Thus, they are the signs of wealth and happiness. Water peak says China is required to bring someone to a bag or a Tanzanian while meeting a family or friends during the new year of China. Often times, these tanks are given with their addresses, which indicate a safe relationship between the owner and the receiver. On different notes, for the ninth, the leaves represent Couplets of branches in starting a family with many children.

Dragon dance

In the Western world, dragon princesses are known as a huge, fire-breathing animal, eat people and destroy their homes. However, it is not correct for Chinese people. For them, the dragon is legendary animals who are helpful and friendly. He is known to overcome evil spirits, to bring wisdom, good luck, wealth and prosperity.

The dragon knows the special features and powers that enable them to fly in the air, walk in the sea and walk on the ground. It is a tradition of the people who have dragon dance and therefore will be seen in China’s new year every year to see that dragon plays in homes, condominiums and even shop siege shopping shops…

Dragons used in dragon dance are dressed, held and elevated by a pole, and walked up to a hundred meters long of its dragons. It is said that the dragon will be shortened by a dragon long time when is Chinese New Year 2019. Generally, there will be a man who works as a head. And as a head, he enters the dragon using a pole and the dragon follows him who seeks wisdom in his sight.

Sometimes the dragon has an eye-like eye-like or animated skin pyrotechnic device. Combined with the artistic dance team and rhythm music, the unmanned dragon comes in life.

Dragons dance is performed to overcome evil spirits during the Chinese New Year and bring good luck and lucky for the coming year and it can be done in day or night. The patterns of dragon dance and dragons vary according to the team’s creativity.

However, every dance pattern holds a meaning and some examples of dance patterns are “themes money”, “pearl for the search”, and “wall or pool”. These patterns are formed together, in which the dragon body is involved in spiraling in a wave-like movement.

Ang Pau Packets

Young Pao, who is a new money red packet, plays an important part in Chinese culture.

The actual condition of Young Paz returned to a family of Cheng-chu, a village in China. An orphaned boy fought an evil dragon and defeated him that was currently terrorizing the village. Welcome to all the villagers and for this reason, they presented a young boy with Gao Pao. When is Chinese New Year 2019  From then on, Ginger became a part of Pao Chinese tradition.

However, millions of such populations like Malaysia have been crowned in the country. Both Malaysia and India have accepted asthma as part of their cultural practice. Malaysia usually offers green packets of the same size of the same size, but with Islamic goals during heavy opinion. Indians, on the other hand, give purple packets to children during the daylight.

Ang Paus, the direct packages are red packets. Now, why not red and black or gray? Red, in sugar, is a color representing prosperity and good fortune. Chinese also believes that it is the color to overcome evil spirits. Therefore, most giants are red with Chinese elements and Chinese tigers, gold grapes, vehicles and dragon with good wishes.

This number is usually given by young adults as a symbol of prosperity. The amount given is not what a gap receives, whether small or big things, especially for young children, are fun and interesting. However, When is Chinese New Year 2019  it is important to note that when giving Enough Pao, it should be a red envelope and white envelope should not be white as white.

It is often expected if the ring pizza is not even traditional, then both the brand and the new two packets and money are included. Therefore, commonly used by PE PA packages is recycled for decoration or anything to throw them. It is also because these packets are widely available and cheap. Most banks, department stores, and big shopping couples offer free ringpiece packets for a few weeks a few weeks before Chinese New Year. Sometimes, their designs are better and more colorful compared to those who buy books or stationery shops.

Ginger is not just going to China during the New Year; its convenience and functionality did much more to give people a gift during birth, wedding and birthday tasty.

Travel and events

During the time of Chinese New York, you can expect a traffic jam. Many big cities have the opportunity to celebrate a new year with the family from the village, and many are on the way to the upcoming celebration. On the New Year’s Day itself, silence on the streets is silent. Business closes on a large scale, and all the noises that are within private homes are running where it can not be heard.

If you visit Malaysia during the New Year’s festival, you will get many activities to participate. There are three that you want to consider, as follows:

Malaysia Number New Number for New Year, Penang Island In the central city of George Island, George Town, including the famous tourist magnet, includes “Cook Folk Sea”, which can be seen very beautifully decorated temples. Make sure you stay in the night at night, as many of the local people look at George Town for millions of colored lights that change every night.
See Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. On Petaling Street, there are many temples where faith has come to pray for the new year’s blessings. There are also lions dance in the streets and fireworks. During the first three days of the Chinese New Year, more lion dancing can be seen within nearby shopping malls, and also see wider decorations in the material. Many small shops will be closed so that the owners meet their relatives for a few days, but after this, they will also be open.
Get the flavor of adventure by going to the Cabbing River cruise in Sabah Province of Central Malaysia. This will definitely change your speed and memories that will live forever. On the river, and on the way by the Sabbath for 335 miles, you can see the life of foreign wildlife on your beach. When is Chinese New Year 2019 During the day of the day, look for the slanderous elephants, procession monkeys, and saltwater crocs. At night, with the help of light, you can catch a lion’s cats, wild forest sun and a tropical bird in the tree branches.
Visiting Malaysia is always a fun and exciting experience, but it makes it even more memorable to visit Chinese during the new year. Most Malaysian states provide two public holidays for the first two days of China’s new year, however, Colyton and Terrington have provided only one holiday for the first day.


This is becoming a tradition of Chinese People to fly a Lantern on The Chinese New Year 2019 Lantern Chinese is one of the most important signs of the new year. Lantern’s idea is to create a vibrant and pleasant environment because the whole moon appears in the bright sky. That is why China’s new year’s 15th day, also known as the Lunn Festival, will gather Chinese cats to catch colorful red lanes in the night. When is Chinese New Year 2019  The lantern was once used as a light source, but today, people are lamps that have lamp colors or decorative objects for their admission. They come in size, size, and colors. However, usually, there will be a red round lanterns that you can now see almost everywhere in China’s new year.

House Cleaning and Decorating


It did not matter that in the apartment of the city or the villain and villa, all its energy should be a stable housewife to take a completely clean house before the Chinese New Year. Clean, mopping, wipe, washing … Sometimes the entire family needs to be handled with work, to ensure that the house is removed from the old year’s dust and to take it to the new year’s curriculum. is ready. After this, every house is decorated with the most liked colors, bright red lanterns, sugar gutts, spring festivals, photos of ‘Fo’, and red window paper kit.

Family Revenge Dinner

The principal focus of the Home Spring Festival is. All the Chinese people manage to go home with the whole family for the Reunion dinner, the latest year’s New Year’s Eve. When is Chinese New Year 2019 Regular dinner represents an additional sample every year on all Chinese menus? Variety of meat, vegetables, and seafood is very meaningful with foods. Guppong is indispensable for the southern culprits while rice cakes. Happy night from this festival, the family is enjoying a laugh and laugh. Read More Chinese New Year Food

Red Envelope

In the hope of getting rid of newborn children, teenagers will be given money, wrapped in red packets and eliminate the souls of evil. 100 to 500 notices are usually sealed in a red envelope, while in large numbers the number of CNY is especially in the richest south-east areas of 5,000. In addition to a small disposable amount, maximum money is used to store for children ‘s toys, salts, clothes, stationery, or future educational costs. Read more about Red Envelope.

Security cards are very important, with the popularity of instant messaging applications. From the morning and night to the new nighttime, to send people various text messages, audio messages, and emails using the website, some of whom targeted new year-olds, security, and good wishes. To change. Digital red envelopes are quite popular and a big red envelope in a group chat always starts a lucky game.

Watching the CCTV New Year’s Gala

It is not unbearable that the CCTT New Year’s Gala features China’s most-watched television. The 4.5-hour live broadcast features music, dancing, comedy, opera, and acrobatics performances. Although viewers become the most important of the programs, at times, people never stop watching TV on time. Good songs and words work as a habit of habitat for dinner because after that it’s a tradition after 1983.

Turn off the fired carrots

There’s a New Year’s Bell at 0:00 pm on TV gala, but you will probably hear it and say that there will be fire extinguishers from 0:00 until 0:30. The Chinese people have removed Firefighter from the long tradition When is Chinese New Year 2019, actually to scare the legendary monsters ninety-nine. In recent years, many urban areas have restrictions on fire or to prevent accidents and threats to the quality of fire, set up specific areas or fireworks for fireworks.

Relative to visit half a month

After a day in the house, people begin to visit relatives from the second day of the new year. The married couple will go to their wife’s parents’ home on the other day. The following days will be spent in different relatives homes. For some extended families in the rural areas, it is very cautious to see everyone in half-month. People give each other’s gifts red lifts to the children. This is a ritual. Encourage more Chinese New Year gift ideas.

Folk show and temple fair

In urban areas, religious worship is hosted by temple temples with cosmetic performances, games, and local snacks. So in some places, a red night’s entertainment is offered. In rural areas, it is possible to see more authentic folk shows, including Yangoo dance, dragon, and dragon in the north and lion dancing in the south. See the best temples in Beijing.

3800 years history Chinese new year
During the Shanghai family (17th – 11th century BC), it was used at the beginning of one year, a ceremony for the honor of fathers and heavenly gods. Since the Zoo family (1046 – 256 BC) ‘years’ is called ‘no’. People were legendary about the people who fought against a demon named Nan, who was afraid of the red and high noise. In the turn of the year, people decorated their homes in red color and caught fire and played it with drivers. Later, the turn of the year made an opportunity to collect all members of the family to invite, and include food traditions and entertainment. Read more about Chinese New Year’s history and Monster Nannes.



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